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Trust & Safety Policy

Last updated: May 15, 2021

At Netsave, we are committed to providing our users with a secure and trusted community, which they can rely on to connect, interact, and trade with their neighbors and local businesses. We value and protect our users’ privacy including their data by performing cybersecurity best practices and next generation safety solutions. One of our top priorities is to constantly innovate our cybersecurity strategies to proactively combat against any potential cyber criminals and cybersecurity threats to keep you and your data safe. Below is our community guidelines, which constitute the rules to which to comply to access and use our service. Please read through it carefully to follow, comply, and accept when joining our platform.

Community Guidelines

The Netsave Social Commerce Platform must be a safe community where everyone feels welcomed to interact and trade local goods and services with confidence. It is required by every user on Netsave to follow and comply with these principles:

  • Be Respectful To Your Neighbors
  • Be Authentic by using Your True Identity
  • Do Not Engage In Harmful Activity including Physical Harm or Scam
  • Help Keeping Your Community Safe by reporting Any Harmful Activity

Online Safety Tips

  • Never give out personal information to other users (Bank Account Information, Credit Card Information, Social Security Numbers, etc.)
  • Be vigilant of any Fraud/Scams
  • Never Share Any Passwords
  • Protect Yourself From Phishing Attempts
    • Be Beware Of Any Messages Asking For Your Personal Information
    • Do Not Click On Any Links That You Are Unsure About
  • Report Any Malicious Activity