Complaints Resolution

Netsave stands on the market with a greater purpose that goes beyond seeking profits. Our company was founded to create a positive in the communities around the world and make a difference. Our promise to you is to guarantee 100% of your satisfaction. However, we understand that the interaction between you and the vendor that you choose to buy from may not be perfect. That’s we wish to have your feedback in the event that anything goes wrong or if somehow you feel you are not 100% happy with your purchase.

What do we suggest if anything goes wrong?

1) Contact the vendor immediately to express your concerns and request from the vendor to resolve the issue ASAP.

2) After contacting the vendor, if you’re still not satisfied, please contact our customer service department at your earliest convenience by sending us an email at: and/or call us immediately at 1-800-464-8586.

As soon as customer support team receives your complaints, we’ll go above and beyond by working with the vendor and doing anything necessary to resolve the matter ASAP.

And if any reason we are unable to address your concerns effectively, we guarantee that you will receive 100% refund including any tax that you may have paid, and strive to repair and improve our relationship for a better experience the next time you purchase another product from us.


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